STEIRU-Agitator RV
(vertical mountage)

STEIRU-Agitator RH
(horizontal mountage/side entry mountage)


Possibilities for Delivery

  • high speed running
  • slow speed running
  • adjustable speed
  • for pressure or vaccuum tank
  • liquids very thin or viscose
  • with protecting flange
  • with tighten flange
  • with mechanical seal
  • dry-run safe
  • double mechanical seal without external liquid


Application Simple mixing, saving mixing, mixing from high foam up liquids , solute from solids, homogenize, disperse, emulsify, heat exchange, aerating, circulate, neutralize, waste water treatment, electroplating included chemical nickel and chromic acid bath.

motor power P up to about 9 kW
length ET up to about 6000 mm
pressure p up to about 15 bar
temperature t up to about 550 °C
speed n up to 1750 min-1, adjustable speed too

Possibility of Delievery

RV vertical agitator in many different versions
RV-A clamping agitator, vertical swiveling, with quick lever clamping screws, with shaft protecting tube
RV-B venting agitator, patented, extra special finely beaded air import
RV-C container- or barrel agitator, for open or closed barrel / containers, with crossbar too
RV-F barrel agitator to screw-in with outside thread R 2"AG, folding wings/screw
RV-H hand agitator, up to about 1,5 kW, agjustabel speed, electric or air pressure drive, with additional hand grip
RV-L labor agitator
RV-S stativ-agitator, in different vedrsions, for floor or wall mountage, mobile, with or without counter weight or crank handle
RH tank agitator, horizontal, dry run safe too
RH-M submersible motor agitator in different versions
ST... STEISTA-submerge stand pump, reversible from mixing to pumping / emptying the tank
F STEIFA-barrel pump, reversible from mixing or pumping, sealless with magnet coupling or with seal

Special Desing

a) with hollow shaft and and available suction nozzle for pump over the tank (at the same time: mixing and pumping)
b) with venting wheel between drive and tank (at higher temperatures)
c) with pump nozzle below the drive, pipe to down to an atomize ring over the propeller, for inject carbonic acid for neutralition
d) with cutting knifes over the propeller


Electric motor, air pressure motor, hydraulic motor, all with or without explosion proofed ATEX, adjustable speed over hand wheel, adjustable over frequency converter, with different gears, without gear, partly one phase motors in accordance to ATEX, for mining to work underground too with fire damp protection, with bevel gear 90° between shaft and propeller for long lying tanks and vertical built-in.


PP, PVC, PVDF, PTFE (only with smallest agitators), steel, stainless steel 1.4541, 1.4571, hastelloy C

Agitators to come in many different designs, explostion proofe ATEX too

The picture are only samples, do you find YOUR agitator in any picture, don't hesitate to contact us too.

Aeration Agitator
of PP, specially micro perly air, with air flow shut-off too feature
Gear Agitator
with double mechanical seal and flange coupling
Hand Agitator
with grab handles, according to ATEX, with ring propeller and safety tube
Suction Agitator / Pump Down Agitator
acc. to ATEX, with centrifugal force propeller, with hollow shaft, suction nozzle below motor
Carbonic Acid Agitator
Gassing Agitator

of PP, carbonic acid nozzle below motor, injection over the propeller
Air Pressure Agitator
with tank of stainless steel, with cross beam and lever clamping screw
Gear Agitator
with hollow shaft, shaft dismountable, without propeller, in ATEX too
Quick Connect Agitator
very robust, with two lever clamping screws, for one or three phase
Agitator of PVDF
total made of PVDF, with sealing and bearing lantern, in ATEX too
Gear Agitator
with bearing lantern and two oblique blade stirrers, helical gear box
Gear Agitator
with distance lantern and sealing, adjustable speed by hand wheel
Standard Rührwerk
mit Spritzring, Schutzflansch und Propeller 4-flügelig
Stand Agitator
with 5 locking rolls, stroke adjustment by hand, mobile
Stand Agitator
mounting by anchor bolts, stroke adjustment by hand, with counter weight, adjustable speed
Stand Agitator
mounting by anchor bolts, stroke adjustment by hand, with counter weight
Agitator with submersible Pump, Mixing Pump
by hand to reverse: stirring or pumping
Hand Agitator
pressure air- or electric motor, in many designs, mobile too, with stand.
High quality standard, experience since 1960
Hand Agitator
mobile, in different designs and constructions
High quality standard, experience since 1960
Agitator with Stand
Stand Agitator

and counterrotate double mixer
High quality standard, experience since 1960
Mixing Machine

different constructions for mortar plaster, Putze and similar
High quality standard, experience since 1960
Laboratory Agitator
different designs and constructions and sizes
Submersible Agiator
only in design: of cast iron, propeller and ring stainless steel, pH-value 3 –10, 3 sizes total of stainless steel, 464 – 1440 min-1, propeller up to 590 mm Ø
Agitator RH, Tank Agitator
side entry mounting, with double sealing, internal cooling and lubrication fluid and control-viewing tank, with pressure air nozzle and manometer
Jet Mixer
with shaft protection tube and plain bearing behing the propeller
Tank Agitator / Side-Entry Agitator
with shaft protection tube and plain beasring behind the propeller
Stand Agitator
drivible built ontolifting carriage with container, with counter weight and adjuastable speedregelbare Drehzahl
Tank Agitator
for side entry, with hollow shaft gear, for setting speed with forced ventilation onto the motor
Hand Agitator
with bearing below, accordance to ATEX, included 2 hand grips
Agitator for pressure tank
with douple mechanical seal and gear
Agitator with cutting knifes
withseaaling lantern and view control fron the liquid level inside, propeller with sharped lugs and 2 cutting knifes, suitable for dry-run
Stand Agitator
high setting by hand, with anchor and hollow shaft gear, stand mounted onto grating plate
High temperature Agitator
for high temperatures with crane holder devise, heat protection shield, isolations class H oder höher, bearings with special grease
Agitator with adjustable speed
with hollow shaft gear, speed regulation over hand wheel

Agitators from PRT - So that everything is always well mixed

The chemical industry in particular has to deal with a wide variety of materials and liquids. These must be mixed regularly. This requires special agitators which are not only able to withstand different temperatures but also the different materials. We offer you a wide range of agitators for this purpose, which can be used in different areas. They can be used for simple mixing tasks, gentle mixing, but also for the mixing of strongly foaming media.

Waste water treatment by means of agitators

The possibility of waste water treatment with our agitators is only one of many possible applications. We also differentiate between geared agitators and manual agitators. Of course you also have the possibility to use our agitators in the laboratory to produce different solutions. Our various stirrers are driven by an electric motor, compressed air motor or even a hydraulic motor. They are infinitely variable and thus produce a mixture quickly.

Agitators stand for safety

Our agitators are in most cases also available according to ATEX. In case of explosive materials, our agitators can be used here without any problems. They contain an explosion protection. They are also safe to run dry and can run fast or slow, depending on the agitator. Thus the agitator can be individually adapted to the mixture. A particular advantage of our agitators is their changeability. We offer you a particularly wide range of products, which does not stop at agitators. Also oil separator conveyors, oil skimmers or pumps are part of our product range.

About us and our agitators

We have been in business for over thirty years and know what is important for agitators. We would be pleased to advise you in your search for your agitator and show you the advantages of our products. Whether for small or large companies, we deliver quickly and pay particular attention to quality. Our service is included for you. You can reach us during our business hours by phone, fax and e-mail. You can ask us all your questions, we will be happy to answer them. Rely on the agitator specialist from Herne!