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DSGVO/EU-DSGVO = Data Protection Ordinance For the Federal Republic/Bund/GERMANY entities there is no data protection among themselves, related to the people and the companies. It is more about the money than additional income, because extra people are trained to "hunt" and control and not really about data protection. The European Union /EU and GERMANY are irrefutably a company, privately liable according to commercial and maritime law. From both he expects gladly certified foundation documents that it concerns nevertheless genuine states.

In short: The DSGVO/EU-DSGVO = data protection regulation is hereby irrevocably rejected and rejected. However, he likes to talk to lawyers who can do nothing better with your studies than to control them, as long as they have taken the oath prescribed by the Allies and inform me of this service number AND can also show me the approval number specifically for each individual case, that they are allowed to work for the individual case. Also where and with whom sworn in.

1) This website was created by the managing director from the legal circle of the valid statehood from before 1914 with his still valid constitution of 1871. In this context it should be mentioned that the managing director is a German Reich with proof of descent and thus possesses the citizenship of the Kingdom of Prussia. This is hereby made public once again. "German" is stateless, introduced by Hitler in 1934 and illegally continued by the FRG as legal successor of the Third Reich.

2) The FRG administers occupied territory, also proven by the still valid HLKO. This alone also forbids plundering and private property may not be confiscated. See Art. 46 and 47. Only on 19.12.2015, reference number Z 5 260 20-1-1/2010 confirmed by the Office of the Federal President. The Federal Republic of Germany is fully subject to the occupying powers. The FRG as an NGO without a company structure was dissolved in 1990 and replaced by the present FRG as a pure company like you and me, according to commercial law and private liability for each of its employees. Since 1945 there are no more civil servants, but only servants in the company and administrative community as NGO BRD. This was once again confirmed with the BVerfG judgement 1 BvR 147/52 of 17.12.1953. So, what do the private persons of the trademark owners POLICE, courts and all other employees of the company BRD want? They are all only responsible for persons and not for people.

3) Any complaints will not be accepted by companies liable under private law, as are all offices of the entire Federal Republic of Germany (BRD). Even courts and police are registered companies. In the so-called 2+4 Treaty, Art. 7, the four Allies have released true Germany into statehood as the legal entity of the year 1918. In 1918 there were three allies at the armistice. According to SHAEF Law No. 52, Art. 7, Point e: Germany is the German Reich in the Borders of 31 December 1937, GG Art. 116/1, judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court of 1973 (BVerfGE 2, 266 [277]; 3, 288 [319 f.]; 5, 85 [126]; 6, 309 [336, 363]) and other judgments. Only on 30.5.2016 the German Bundestag under the numbers 18/5178 and 18/5033, on the basis of a small request from the LEFT that the German Reich (meant before 1918) still exists, did not accept any complaints from non-governmental organizations (NGO), as it is the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), 18/5178 and 18/5033. The FRG is demonstrably a company without legitimation, an administrative unit under commercial law with the D-U-N-S company no. 341611478 (and further entries). It works exclusively according to commercial law, UCC and is only liable under private law, thus also every employee. Sigmar Gabriel confirmed this on 5.3.2010, see video on Youtube:

4) Warnings will not be accepted by anyone, unless these lawyers, notaries, judges, prosecutors and others have been sworn in legally by the Allies and are thus allowed to work at all. In addition, these persons must also obtain a permit from the Allies for each individual case. In the event of a warning from anyone, I hereby demand that these documents be notarized and attached to this warning, otherwise they will be returned posthumously to the sender. To this SHAEF law no. 2, Art. V, paragraph 8 and 9.

5) The much mentioned Telemediengesetz (TMG) is only an internal BRD information. It can create such information and also call it "law" for domestic use. But a real law can only be passed by one state. It lacks the quotation commandment and the spatial area of application, which results in nullity. For this there are immensely many judgements and norms. As further proof it is listed that with each paragraph not "state table of contents", but "non-state table of contents" stands.

6) The DSGVO and BDSG have been drawn up by registered companies and are therefore not binding. They have no sovereign effect, are invalid and void, as they lack the citation requirement and the clearly defined territorial scope. The managing director Mensch und Mann MP freiherr :christoph: a.r. rejects any interference. He provides for data protection himself, although no BRD institute complies with data protection himself. Just one example: If you register with the citizen service, this is immediately passed on to the contribution service (GEZ), because they get a good commission for it, yield, company evenly. This is also data protection. --- As a precautionary measure, offers in this regard are already being rejected and non-negotiably rejected. Those, who try it nevertheless, have to prove irrevocably that they have taken their oath with the Allies and for this new "case" applied for and got a service number with the Allies. All articles mentioned above remain completely unaffected and valid.

7) I reserve the right not to be forced to act under any commercial contract or insolvency in which I did not knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally enter. And further, I will not be liable for the enforced benefit of any undisclosed contract or commercial agreement or insolvency.

I reserve all rights under UCC 1-308 (Old 1-207.4 and UCC 1-103 without prejudice, without any disadvantages, without prejudice. All 12 guesses pursuant to Canon 3228, to me, upon which the Judges and Prosecutors Office works under deception, I reject and reject them.