PRT Pump Product Range

subject to modification, partially special design possible


STEISLA-Hose Pump / Tube Pump / Peristaltic Pump

self priming, sealless, dry run safe, also as short coupled pump, less intermittend delivery, for dangerous, viscos and abrasive sludges and fluids, speed adjusting too.

STEIFI-Filter Pump, STEIFI-Bag Filter, STEIFI-Disc Filter, STEIFI-Paper Filter, STEIFI-Galvanize, Filter STEIFI-Water Filter, STEIFI-Washing up filter, STEIFI-Cartridge filter, STEIFI-Meraklon filter

(1 m² = 1 filter element, nearly endless with water hose to clean, 25 and 50 my, economically priced)
In different designs, in big and very small sizes too.

STEICA-Chemical Centrifugal Pump not in accordance with DIN

self priming too, partially dry run safe, with environmental chamber at crystallizing or dangerous fluids, for mini-capacity too, partially with free-flow impeller too.

STEIMA-Magnetic Centrifugal Pump, STEIMA-Magnetic Gear Pump, STEIMA-Peripheral Pump, STEIMA-Side Channel Pump

in special design too for different extreme, seal-less and shaft-less, for very small sizes too, partially self priming, made of plastic and metal.

STEIMEP-Diaphragm Rotating Pump

self priming, seal-less, dry run safe, intermittend delivery, without binding up to 2000 l/h, 2 bars, of PP (polypropylene).


self priming, with built-in pressure control valve (conditionally for capacity regulation too), self adjusting vanes, partially with magnetic coupling and seal-less, of ryton, brass or stainless steel.

STEIDOS-Dosing Pump
STEIDOS-Dosing equipment (with tank)

in different constructions, dosing equipment only in a simple not complex construction, self priming, dry run safe, as piston pump too.

STEIHA-Submersible Hanging Pump
STEISTA-Submersible Stand Pump
Submersible Pump, Swimming Pump / Floating Pump

submersible pump. For high temperature too, molten metals. Partially by hand reversible from mixing to pumping. Made of plastic and metal (optional pump kind and size). Swimming / Floating pump total made of plastic and cast iron.

STEIMEP-Diaphragm Pump

in different constructions, of plastic and metal, in very small too, at water also with a size up to 250 bars, apart from that up to 50 bars.

STEINU-Submersible Motor Pump

of stainless steel and cast iron, for acids also seal-less total of plastic in very robust industrial design in different sizes, partially with air pressure drive too, with air pressure drive in ATEX too, at that compressed-air service unit of stainless steel accordance to ATEX, as a floating / swimming pump of Plastic PP/PVC, one floating /swimming pump of metal with gasoline engine.

STEISUS-Sewage Water Pump

of cast iron and stainless steel, with double seal without external cooling liquid, for lime milk as a lime milk pump very good suitable because no air will be contact to the shaft sealing, self priming.

STEISWI-Swimming / Floating Pump

of plastic PP, two size of plastic PVC, dry run safe, free flying shaft in different sizes, with and without guidance tube, priming from below.

Small sizes with priming from top, to make the surface nearly free from oil or floating dirt, mud and slugde. ATEX-swimming / floating pump with swimmer of stainless or plastic.

of plastic
motor only 230 V
heavy industrial construction
with or without ATEX
of plastic PP
different sizes